Temperature Zoning Repairs

If your temperature zoning system is not working properly, chances are that the problem lies in one of three places: the control panel, the dampers, or the thermostats. The best thing to do when you suspect that your zoning system is malfunctioning is to contact an experienced contractor who can accurately identify any issues, since most zoning issues, if any, will be electrical in nature and should be handled with extreme caution by an experienced professional. With that said, let’s take a look at common repairs that your temperature zoning system may undergo throughout its lifespan.

Zoning Control Panel Repairs

The zoning control panel is located near your heating and cooling units. The panel sort of serves as a middle man or communication channel between your air treatment units and the zoning devices. It houses all the zoning wiring terminals, which connect the air treatment equipment with the zoning mechanisms. If there are any loose wires, or if there is any type of wiring problem, then this will certainly cause an issue with the system, and it’s time to call a repairman.

Zoning Damper Repairs

The dampers are the devices installed in the ductwork that regulate the airflow in each zone in your home. They close up and open up in varying degrees in order to control the temperature and airflow in each zone. All of that excessive movement may eventually break the damper itself or its motor (if it’s motorized). If you notice that a particular zone in your home isn’t as cool or warm as it should be, then it may be a damper glitch.

Zoning Thermostat Repairs

A number of issues may cause your temperature zoning thermostats to malfunction. A simple problem, like a dirty thermostat may be preventing the signal from reaching the control panel, or it may be a wiring problem that may be causing a system impediment. If you suspect that a faulty thermostat is to blame, you can check the thermostat settings, and if that doesn’t solve the problem, your trusted air conditioning repairman will be happy to help. Don’t know a trusted A/C contractor? Give us a call at 866-97-ACPRO, and we will connect you with an AC Pro Certified technician.