Air Cleaner Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your whole-house air cleaners is essential for getting the most efficiency out of your purifiers. Most air purifiers require minimum maintenance. Servicing your cleaners about once every six months is usually all you’ll need to maintain the efficiency of your system.

If you or your family suffer from allergies, and you begin to notice that your allergies are acting up again, then it may be an indication that your air purifier needs to be serviced. Because the purpose of your air cleaner is to clean, it naturally develops a lot of build-up on the prefilter and cells. You can either clean these yourself, or you can call a contractor if you are not comfortable handling electric units.

A quick way to clean your prefilter is to use your vacuum’s brush to clear the dirt off. If you find that the prefilter is greasy, then you or your contractor will want to soak it in water or rinse it with a hose. You can also quickly clean the cells by wiping them down with a damp cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, these can be soaked in warm water and gently washed.

Avoid electric shock or electrocution by letting the prefilter and cells dry out before turning on your air purifier. During the service, an air conditioning repairman will also make sure all the air cleaner’s components are working well and not broken. For help finding a qualified and trusted air conditioning professional, search our listings or call us at 866-97-ACPRO.