Ductwork Repairs

Having a high efficiency central heating and cooling unit for your home does not automatically ensure that your entire air treatment system is working efficiently. In fact, damaged ductwork will prevent your air treatment systems from working at their optimal efficiency levels. According to ENERGY STAR, most homes in America with centralized air treatment systems also have damaged ducts. A regular American home wastes up to 30% of airflow due to damaged ducts. That’s $30 wasted for every $100 spent!

If you suspect that your central air conditioner or furnace is not working as efficiently as it should be, chances are that faulty ductwork is to blame. Take a look at these most common problems found in faulty ducts.

4 Common Ductwork Problems

  1. Leaks in ductwork. Improperly sealed or loose ducts will waste perfectly conditioned air and cause your air treatment systems to work harder in order to make-up for the loss of airflow. Leaking ducts will also allow untreated air to enter your home, thereby polluting the quality of your indoor air. A trusted contractor can easily test your ducts for leaks.
  2. Insulation is worn or not present. Any duct running though spaces that do not have air that’s been treated should be insulated. In order to avoid rust and mold caused from condensation buildup, ductwork found in crawl spaces, attics, and basements should always be insulated.
  3. Damaged ducts. Ductwork may get damaged due to accidental mishaps that may happen during home maintenance jobs that require entering the attic or basements of your home. Also rodents may damage ductwork by chewing on it and puncturing it.
  4. Ductwork not sized properly. This is possibly the most common reason for cold and hot spots in your home. If your ductwork is too small or too large, this will cause your system to overwork and eventually breakdown prematurely.

Because ductwork tends to be laid out in areas of your home that you do not see, it is recommended that you have an air conditioning technician evaluate it and test it for efficiency. This will get your heating and cooling air treatment systems working at their best. For help finding a qualified contractor, contact us at 866-97-ACPRO, or search our listings.