Ductwork Services

The silver ducts running through your attic, garage, basement, or crawl spaces are essential to your centralized heating and cooling systems. These ducts are the channels through which conditioned air flows from the air treatment systems to the living spaces of your home. Good ductwork is designed, sized, and installed properly. It is also free of holes, ruptures, and leaks.

Our licensed air conditioning specialists are experts at identifying and repairing faulty ductwork. Learn about the duct services our technicians offer.


Having an AC Pro contractor evaluate the air flow needs of your home can save you hundreds of dollars per year on energy bills. Properly designed ductwork guarantees that the airflow in your home is distributed accordingly. Each room in your home has different airflow needs, so a thorough evaluation will help your contractor develop a ductwork design that is efficient and saves you money.


Whether you need ductwork installed in a new room, or you need to retrofit or replace old ducts, our air conditioning technicians know all about proper ductwork installations that abide by standards set forth by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).


Damaged ductwork will not allow your heating and cooling systems to work as efficiently. Leaking or punctured ducts will waste perfectly treated air and cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder in order to make-up for the loss of airflow. According to ENERGY STAR, most homes in America with centralized air treatment systems also have damaged ducts. A regular American home wastes up to 30% of airflow due to damaged ducts. That’s $30 wasted for every $100 spent.


Having a professional regularly inspect and clean your ductwork can prevent future repairs. The benefits of having your ductwork inspected and cleaned regularly can also save you money in the long run. Maintaining clean ductwork is an essential component of indoor air quality.