Clean Air Services

Most of us know that air pollution is a problem in our outdoor environment. But few people realize that polluted air also infiltrates our own homes, offices, and any other indoor space not equipped with air filtration technology. Airborne particles can go unseen by the human eye, but these microscopic pollutants can cause and/or trigger illnesses such as asthma, headaches, sore eyes, allergies, and other life-threatening diseases. Elderly people and children are particularly susceptible to these airborne illnesses.

Our air conditioning servicemen are indoor air quality experts, and they can help you choose the perfect air filtration system for your home. Learn about the specialized services our AC Pro experts offer:


Air purifiers can eliminate up to 99% of airborne particles in your home. Our trained technicians are experienced in clean air product installations. They provide knowledgeable air cleaner recommendations based on your family’s needs.


If you suspect that your electronic air cleaner is not working properly, an experienced air conditioning repairman will quickly identify the problem and provide accurate repairs.


Preventative maintenance is mandatory if you wish to get the most productivity out of your clean air systems. Our professionals can help keep your air purifying units running efficiently all year long.