Temperature Zoning Services

Is your home warmer upstairs than it is downstairs? Are certain rooms always freezing, while others are just right? Temperature Zoning resolves these issues. Zoning allows you to set different temperatures for different areas, or zones, in your home. You would not use a single light switch to control all the lighting in your house, so why use a single thermostat to control all the room temperatures?

Have our experts evaluate your home temperature needs and create a perfectly comfortable indoor atmosphere for you to enjoy. Learn about the zoning services our AC Pro technicians provide:


In order to install the best zoning system, our contractors thoroughly evaluate the temperature and airflow needs of each room in your home. Our air treatment professionals evaluate your home’s climate needs by inspecting your living spaces and performing in depth calculations that provide scientifically-based recommendations.


Zoning systems are add-ons to central heating and cooling systems, so you don’t need to worry about installing new ductwork. Temperature Zoning installations involve wiring and installing zone dampers in your ducts as well as additional thermostats throughout your home.


If your air conditioning or heating systems are not performing as well as they should, our air conditioning repairmen can help. They provide zoning damper repairs, ductwork repairs, air conditioner repairs, and so much more.