Air Cleaner Repairs

Whole-house air purifiers work with your existing central heating and cooling systems. They are affixed onto your furnace or air conditioner, so they are out of site and noiseless as well. Unlike portable air purifiers that only purify the air in a single room, whole-house air cleaners clear air pollutants in your entire home.

There are several types of whole-house air cleaners. Some are mechanical; others are electrical. Some have UV lights, while others don’t. No matter which air purifier you have, however, chances are that eventually you may find that it needs to be repaired. But before you call your air conditioning repairman, you may want to try these simple steps:

Make sure the access door is closed and latched. If the door is open or unlatched, the interlock won’t allow the air cleaner to turn on.

  1. Clean and/or wash the air cleaner’s cells and prefilters. Be sure to turn off your system completely before you start washing. Any time you are working with electric devices, you need to make sure they are turned off, so as to avoid electric shock or electrocution. Also, check your instruction’s manual to see if washing is recommended.
  2. If you just washed your air cleaner, and find that it does not want to turn on, make sure that it is completely dry. Allow it to dry for two to three hours at minimum.
  3. If you aren’t comfortable cleaning or washing your air cleaner’s cells and prefilters, please don’t hesitate to call an A/C repairman, and skip step 2 for now; your technician can take care of this for you.

Once you are through taking steps 1 through 3, it’s definitely time to call a professional. Many issues may be causing your whole-house air cleaner to not work properly. Sometimes it’s a simple part replacement. All parts are available through licensed heating and cooling contractors, so you’ll want to contact your local contractor.

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