Temperature Zoning Evaluation

If your home has central air conditioning and heating, chances are that some areas feel cooler or warmer than others because the central air is not accommodating the unique climate needs of each room (or zone). Most homes in America with central heating and cooling only have one thermostat. This is not practical, since different rooms in your home call for different temperatures. If you have a single thermostat in your home, it is likely that you may be wasting treated air on rooms that don’t need it. Why cool those unoccupied rooms in your home when nobody else is home? That airflow is better used in occupied rooms—like the one you’re in right now.

Temperature zoning (or zoning, as we often call it) is practical and energy efficient. It gives you full control of your indoor climate. By placing thermostats throughout your house, this gives you the ability to choose different temperatures to suit each zone. This is especially handy if you live in a multi-level household where upper-level rooms tend to feel warmer in the summertime than the lower-level rooms. Zoning is also recommended if your home has any of the listed attributes below.

Homes with any of these features are recommended for zoning:

What’s in a temperature zoning evaluation?

When your air conditioning contractor does an in-home evaluation of your indoor space, he will consider the items on the list above as well as a number of other factors to accurately measure your home’s airflow and temperature needs. Because zoning dampers are applied to ductwork that is already present, your air conditioning specialist will also inspect the ducts and verify that they are easily accessible as well as leak free. Your contractor will also ask you questions regarding your comfort preferences for each area in your home. This will help him determine the number of zones, dampers, and thermostats needed. A knowledgeable A/C contractor can thoroughly evaluate your home in less than an hour, and he may also suggest a same-day installation.

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