Heating System Installation

The day of your brand new furnace installation is here. By now, your air conditioning technician has done a whole-house heating needs evaluation, and he’s given you accurate equipment recommendations. If your home is like most homes in America, chances are that your contractor will be installing a forced-air, whole-house split system with gas heat, also known as a gas furnace (www.energy.gov). So, for the purpose of simplicity, we’ll focus on the installation of this type of system.

How Long Will the Gas Furnace Installation Take?

Depending on a few factors, the installation process can take as little as half a workday to two workdays. If your home already has a same-sized furnace and properly functioning ductwork, then the installation may take as little as four hours. However, since modern furnaces tend to be smaller than older models, size adjustments will likely need to be made to the ductwork; this will prolong the installation process. Also, if your furnace is located in an area that makes it hard to reach (i.e. attic, tight crawl space, etc.), this may also extend the installation process.

In any case, the length of the installation is not nearly as important as having a high-quality installation. Better to have your contractor remove and replace old material that will deter the functionality of your new furnace, than to have a quick installation with unsightly low-quality work.

What Are the Signs of a High-Quality Gas Furnace Installation?

Although there are many elements that go into a quality furnace installation, the best thing you can do as a homeowner is to visually inspect the final work of your contractor. If something doesn’t appear right, then you should start by asking questions. If you‘re going to pay a hefty sum on a new furnace, then you should get what you pay for. Any signs of a poor job will surely stand out. Follow your instinct, or simply ask yourself these questions as you inspect the final product:

When it comes down to it, a good job is evident in the way it looks, as simplistic as this may sound. And the same rule applies to jobs on the opposite spectrum. Whether your contractor is replacing your old gas furnace with a new one, or if it is an entirely new installation, the final outcome should look neat and clean.

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