Furnace is Too Loud

Furnaces are mechanical equipment predisposed to make certain amounts of noise. Ideally, this white noise should fade into the background and not cause much of a disturbance. However, if your furnace is making more clatter than is deemed normal, you can first try this simple step before calling a contractor.

Check the Air Filter

The purpose of an air filter is to capture any airborne pollutants, such as dirt and pollen, before they enter your heating system and ultimately your home. However, if it is not replaced or cleaned regularly, the filter can get clogged with dirt and debris, and this can wreak havoc on your heating system. These small particles can get stuck in the motor section of your furnace and cause it to run inadequately and inefficiently. The good news is that replacing or cleaning your filter is a simple fix.

Replace Your Furnace with A Quiet Heating System

If replacing or cleaning your air filter does not solve your loud furnace problem, then it is certainly time to contact a repairman who will further examine your furnace and provide you with alternate heating system suggestions if needed. If your contractor suggests replacing your unit. Ask him about equipment options. One alternative to furnaces are ductless mini-split systems.

Ask Your Contractor About Mini-Split Systems

Mini-splits have recently gained more popularity for many reasons. Homeowners prefer them because they are much more efficient than central heating systems, they do not require ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout the living areas, and they are compact and quiet. They are also designed in a way that gives you more control over the temperature settings. Unlike central air treatment systems that only have one thermostat and one temperature setting, mini-splits allow for multiple temperature settings that can accommodate various zones in your home. And if that isn’t enough, some mini-splits can provide both heating and air conditioning, since these select models have reverse technology that allows for both cooling and heating in a single system.

To learn more about mini-splits and other methods of quieting your home heating, contact one of our listed contractors, or give us a call at 866-97-ACPRO, and we’ll help you find a home heating expert near you.