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72078 Corporate Way #102
Thousand Palm CA 92276

License #: 986116

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Company Description

Our business specializes in keeping your home and business functioning smoothly. When you need electrical, heating, air conditioning, duct cleaning and commercial appliance repair we have what you need!! No matter the problem if you don\'t know who to call ask us and we will help KEEP IT SIMPLE. What ever we do not do we have a wide array of colleagues that can get it done. We\'ll even deliver your pizza;) (References are available upon request.) Thanks\'s for taking the time to read our rant!! Dane Feldman Erkies History Established in 1986. Great grandpa Difranco came from Italy many yeas ago and was a tradesmen. Eugene Difranco(Erkie) my grandfather whom resided in Cleveland Ohio was also a tradesman and my father worked for him also as a tradesmen until 1986 when he moved to California and started a company in Palm Springs which I Dane Feldman came to work for. When my grandfather passed away we chose to start another company using him as a namesake. Now the coachella valley has an Erkies electrical heating and air. RIP Eugene Difranco


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