Satisfied Air

Company Description

We take pride in our ability to satisfy both our customers and their HVAC equipment, providing a service that can exceed all your expectations. We focus on HVAC service and repair because we understand that making an HVAC unit last as long as it can benefits your bottom line. By focusing on the client and their needs, not on sales or numbers, we are able to create a truly personalized experience which gives our customers everything they need to live comfortably, and nothing they don?t. That means no pushy sales staff, no technicians trying to diagnose more problems than exist, and no paying more than you need to. Instead, you get an honest staff and competitive prices which will leave you satisfied. And that?s a guarantee. Having your air conditioning running well is important but we think that ensuring that the air that is being pumped into your house needs to be of the highest quality. That?s why we also provide air duct cleaning: we want your indoor air quality to be as high as we can get it. With over 12 years of experience, our team is highly qualified, licensed and insured, and we have built this company as a family-owned enterprise. We work consistently to ensure that all of our customers benefit from values they love in small businesses without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of the larger corporations. This has allowed us to embody a new era in HVAC. Customer service is what we are all about, it?s the principle we were built on, and it?s everything that our technicians stand for. Because of this, satisfying the customer is our first priority, and everything else follows. By placing your needs first, we are able to provide a level of excellence you?ll love, for a price you can afford, with a system that will last you for years to come. Where our passion is your satisfaction and we always put our customers first, Satisfied Air is the HVAC company you?ve been searching for. Contact us today!


  • A/C
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  • IAQ
  • Thermostat
  • Maintenance Plans
  • EPA section 608 certification