Intertherm 95.1% M7 Gas Furnace

Intertherm M7 95.1% Gas Furnace

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  • 1 Year Parts
  • 1 Year Labor
  • 1 Year Mileage


High Efficiency, Small Footprint

The Intertherm M7 95.1% Gas Furnace is the only 95.1% efficient furnace that fits a standard manufactured housing footprint. This furnace is extremely efficient and will not only lower gas bills but also may qualify for local rebates and incentives. The Intertherm M7 95.1% Gas Furnace come with a 1-year parts, 1-year labor and 1-year mileage warranty.

Quality Parts

Dependable, silicon nitride hot surface igniter utilizes proven SmartLite® technology for longer igniter life. The stainless steel secondary heat exchanger assures your furnace will have a long life.

Flexible Installation and Quiet Performance

This furnace can be horizontally or vertically installed using a two-pipe system for maximum flexibility in installation. The fully insulated cabinet minimizes heat loss and provides quiet operation.

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Consumer Rebate

Consumer Rebate up to $1550 off a new AC system
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