Maytag iQ Drive 20 SEER PPG2GI package unit

Maytag iQ Drive 20 SEER PPG2GI


Product Features

Highest Efficiency
The Maytag M1200 PPG2GI iQ Drive series is the highest efficiency gas/electric packaged unit available from Maytag. The included compressor blanket allows for the machine to run quietly. This unit also comes with a 12-Year Warranty and Dependability Promise, allowing for peace of mind for years to come.

Unique Technology
The Maytag iQ Drive packaged gas/electric system uses inverter driven rotary technology to offset the cooling and heating demands on the home. This unit modulates from 40% to 118% of capacity in five steps, making constant, small adjustments.

Corrosion Resistant Coils
The Maytag iQ Drive gas unit features an all-aluminum micro-channel condenser coil and an Anteater™ indoor coil for optimal resistance to corrosion.

Protection from the Elements
A wire coil guard and never-rust mesh hail guard protect the coil from being damaged by balls, lawnmowers, hail, and more. This unit also has galvanized steel with a polyester urethane finish. The 950-hour salt spray finish is 1.5 mil thick and resists corrosion 50% better than standard finishes.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
This unit uses a chlorine free, non-ozone-depleting refrigerant—R410a—to help protect the environment and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Designed and assembled in the United States
Maytag heaters and air conditioners come off the line right here in the United States.

Built to Last
One of the first things you will notice about your new Maytag system is how well it is built. The sturdy louvered enclosure shields the unit from the elements and the composite base not only reduces sound but protects from rust. Even the protective paint resists against corrosion. The quality of this unit assures you it will quietly keep you comfortable for years to come.

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