honeywell f300 air cleaner

Honeywell F300 Air Cleaner


Product Features

Keep the Air in Your Home Clean
The Honeywell F300 whole-house electronic air cleaner is the most advanced and easy-to-use solution for improving your indoor air quality. When installed into your home’s heating and cooling system, an electronic air cleaner traps and filters up to 99% of airborne particles passing through the system to make sure cleaner air is distributed to all rooms in your home. It works by placing a charge on airborne particles and then collecting them like a magnet. Plus, electronic air cleaners are low maintenance. Simply wash the cells in your dishwasher or sink when needed.


  • 5-Years Parts Warranty

Advanced Technology
Places an electric charge to collect up to 99% of airborne particles.

Highly Effective
Captures both microscopic particles like dust and smoke in addition to larger contaminants like mold spores and pet dander. This unit offers three stage filtration  with optional exclusive electrostatic post filter.

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