honeywell f200 air cleaner

Honeywell F200 Air Cleaner


Product Features

Clean the Air
Get cleaner indoor air by choosing Honeywell’s highest efficiency whole-house media air cleaner, the F200. When installed in your home’s heating and cooling system, it traps and filters airborne particles and contaminants passing through the duct system to make sure that cleaner air is distributed to all rooms throughout your home. The F200 is up to 97% more efficient at removing airborne particles than a standard one-inch furnace filter, and it maintains high airflow in your heating and cooling system so that it functions at full efficiency. Get the benefits of a whole-house solution for improving the air in your home with a Honeywell F200 media air cleaner.


  • 5-Year Parts Warranty

Replace Less Often
Lasts up to four times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter. Replaced every 6-12 months versus monthly or quarterly.

Superior Performance
The F200 is up to 40 times more effective and is up to 97% more efficient at capturing airborne particles compared to a standard one-inch filter. Deep-pleated media filters have a large surface area to capture more airborne particles. Captures both microscopic particles like dust and smoke in addition to larger contaminants like mold spores and pet dander.

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