aprilaire model 2210 2410 central media air cleaner

Aprilaire Model 2210 & 2410 Central Media Air Cleaners


Product Features

High Quality Filtering
Aprilaire’s 2000 Series indoor air cleaners are equipped with innovative filtering media that can give you exceptionally clean air throughout your home. These high quality, completely reliable cleaners have a long service life, and are the most efficient, cost-effective ways to give you a healthier home environment.


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

Aprilaire Central Media Air Cleaners feature a 5-Year Limited Warranty and require no maintenance other than the replacement of the filter media once every year.

Service Life Extended
Media replacement is recommended after one to two years depending on air flow.

Healthier Home
Permanently traps pollen-sized particles, helping to minimize the risk of asthma and allergy attacks. Permanently traps mold spore particles (3 microns and larger) at a rate of 70%.

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