Maytag Single Stage Furnace MGC2SA

Maytag Single-Stage Furnace MGC2SA


Product Features

Great Upgrade Choice
The Maytag Single-Stage Furnace is a high efficiency gas furnace, which features a 70% efficiency rating.


  • Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • 12-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Dependability Promise

This unit includes one of the best warranties in the industry. Not only does it have a 12-Year Parts and Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty, but it also comes with a 1-Year Dependability Promise. The Dependability Promise states that if the heat exchanger of the unit were to fail within one year, the entire unit will be replaced. So you can rest assured that your system will be covered for many years to come. See your warranty for more details.

Warm Air Quickly
The furnace will heat up before beginning to move air into your house. This will give you warm air from the beginning.

Designed & Assembled in the United States
Maytag heaters and air conditioners come off the line right here in the United States.

Built to Last
One of the first things you will notice about your new Maytag system is how well it is built. The quality of this unit assures you it will quietly keep you comfortable for years to come.

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