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    At We Care, we can because we care! Our HVAC installation and service technicians, managers, and office staff appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Our HVAC technicians are motivated to receive the most prestigious certifications and continued training. Our team of knowledgeable and helpful technicians are pre-screened; we are proud to employ the best possible team to represent our brand. We are also honored to be a 2013 ACCA Contractor of the year award winner.


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    WC Heating, Air, and Plumbing Inc. Is proud to be one of the few companies able to offer Edison and SGE rebates. We have completed over 500 Edison and SGE certified installs without any problems. Call us today and schedule a free estimate to see how much you could be saving, while staying cool this summer.


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    4.7/5 (10 reviews)
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    Comments (11)

    • Nancy Tichy

      Nancy Tichy

      01 May 2013 at 16:05 |
      A young technician came this morning from WC Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. He did a very thorough job servicing the air conditioner and furnace. I did not realize that the young many who came last summer actually replaced all the electrical parts in the outside unit...in essence a new unit.
      Andrew said the heating unit will eventually have to be replaced... evidently these units are as old as the coach.
      So, many, many thanks for providing this service.
      I am very impressed with WC...and their service men.
      Capable, patient to answer questions, very thorough and polite.
    • Judy


      16 October 2012 at 22:37 |
      We did window shopping and got quotes. These guys are the best quality and value above the rest. They are recommended on the edison and gascompany website which puts them a step ahead and made us feel easy when making the choice. Great company look forward to there service.
    • Christian


      16 October 2012 at 22:27 |
      Installers were friendly, courteous and efficient. Thanks Rusty and the guys for making our summer cool and comfortable.

      Thank You Eric and Albert for keeping the house clean for install and cleaning up when you guys left.
    • Sandford Lieberg

      Sandford Lieberg

      20 August 2012 at 22:38 |
      The Service was amazing, very professional, and clean. Thank you for replacing all the vents and making sure they work. Every thing works great and the house is cool, I was amazed!
    • Paul Hirsh

      Paul Hirsh

      20 August 2012 at 03:42 |
      Kudos to your entire team including the scheduling, dispatching, and other coordination required to complete this job on schedule, in spite of some difficulty with faulty parts. We will leave on vacation at 4:00am in the morning with peace of mind knowing, our home will not be an oven when we return later in August.
    • Jeff Hellams

      Jeff Hellams

      16 August 2012 at 15:35 |
      Good Afternoon Rusty and management team,

      My name is Jeff Hellams and your comfort team has recently installed a heating and ac unit into my house and removed a very old system. I am a Retired Marine and now work on base at Camp Pendleton in the customer service business as management. I want to pass on to your management team what a wonderful experience I have had with your company.

      This process began during the week of 18-22 Jun I don't remember the exact day. When I got to work I searched the internet for information and decided to call your business first. I usually call around and compare everything I purchase but for this particular purchase I did not and your comfort team is the reason why I did not.

      My first contact was with your welcome committee. I don't remember her name but she was very helpful and very pleasant. She got me signed up for an in home visit from your Sales Comfort Advisor Ed Smith. The day before Ed was to come out I once again received a call from your very friendly welcome committee rep to remind me of my appt the next day. As it was the next morning for me was a zoo and re-guard less of the fact that the appt was on my computer calendar, my desk calendar, and my travel calendar and a sticky on my desk the appt slipped my mind. Once again I received a call from once again a very friendly welcome committee rep that reminded me that I was supposed to be at home with Ed. I asked if Ed could wait 15 mins for me to get there that I would leave work right away and she assured me that that wouldn't be a problem so I left immediately. I must remind you again that I'm a Retired Marine and being late to anything was not good for me. When I pulled up into my driveway Ed was sitting there in his vehicle and the first thing I saw was his retired military sticker which put me at ease just a little. I apologized for being late and he assured me that it wasn't a problem. We talked a few minutes and then got right to business. I found Ed to be a wealth of knowledge. We related easily to each other and I was able to listen to Ed as he explained to me all my options. Ed also actively listened to me as to what was important to me about the new system for my house. He absorbed all that I had to say and then he decided what would work best for my house and my needs. Our meeting was both personal and a success for myself and your company. My next meeting was with Ed again for funding and to have the house measured and size of AC unit determined by SDGE. This meeting went great as well and your person that did the measuring was equally as personable and informative.

      Next was the installation crew. These guys were really good to go. I took the day off to be at the house with them for a smoother install and to answer any on the spot questions and so if I had any questions I could make an informed decision with your team lead. This was my crew for the day. Phil was the supervisor/team lead, Kevin, Chris, Ryan, and Scott made up the rest of the team. One of the young men showed up first and came up the driveway and introduced himself and asked what they were doing for me today. We had a conversation and I showed him around. Very pleasant individual and very nice. We talked for a few minutes and then he called his team lead and got right to work prepping the site. Shortly after that Phil and the rest of the team showed up. They all introduced themselves and I showed Phil around the house and told him what Ed and I had discussed to make sure we were all on the same sheet of music which we were. We all, each and every one of them got along. I tried to make them as comfortable as I could in my house. They worked very hard and very diligently to complete the mission at hand. They did a great job and finished it in one day. They cleaned the area and took all the trash away.

      Finally I have had a few more calls from your very friendly welcome committee checking on how my system is working and a few questions about my sales and installation team. Lastly I called in today to ask for your email address so that I could send this to you and they answered the phone with "Hi this is such and such HOW CAN I MAKE YOU SMILE TODAY". To be honest with you I didn't catch her name because my mind focused on "HOW CAN I MAKE YOU SMILE TODAY" which she did and I just lost her name. Your business has been top of the line for me so far. All of your personnel represent your business very very well. I just thought you would like to know that. With this type of friendly knowledgeable personal service your business will be a success for a long time.

      Please pass this to your entire team and have a great weekend!!


    • Jeff Van Dam

      Jeff Van Dam

      15 August 2012 at 19:46 |

      You’ve got one happy customer over here on Five Tribes Trail!

      We had the pleasure of having a wonderful installation experience today. Your team was lead by Miguel, who clearly had command of the operation and process all the way to the end, going over a checklist with me to ensure nothing was overlooked. Jeremy, Mitch and Luis were the rest of the crew. These guys are high performance individuals. They moved mountains in short order. Jeremy sealed up my intake return so well I think it would hold water, the guy took serious pride in his work. Speaking of great craftsmanship, Mitch masterfully ran my ALL NEW ductwork in the attic. My attic looks like a ‘cover shot’ of HVAC Today magazine. :-) Luis did a great job on the interior installing all the new registers, even going so far as to paint the areas behind the grills flat black so the shiny silver duct work wouldn’t be seen through our new hi-flow registers.

      The installation crew was definitely the main act, but everyone I dealt with throughout this upgrade was perfect. Ed was great at explaining the different options available to us. A real pleasure of a guy to have in your home and have side conversation with. Bob came by and did the most thorough measurement. Taking dimensions of every single wall and window in our home to calculate the correct match for our home. Mina was a pleasure to talk with, knoweldgeable about the program, and a great educator.

      We live in a very modest house, it’s far from high–end, but everyone on your team treated us with first class service. We would highly recommend WC Air & Heating to our Murrieta neighbors. You guys are solid. Keep up the good work!

      Blue Skies,

    • Jay Tate

      Jay Tate

      14 August 2012 at 22:48 |
      Your company has been the most positive experience for us, we were and are very impressed with the entire process that the we have gone through with you guys. You can be assured that we will certainly recommend your company to our friends and family in the future. Everything from the phone call and friendly service to the very well mannered installers has been a pleasure.
    • John Welniak

      John Welniak

      13 August 2012 at 16:39 |
      We are very pleased with our new system! Our electric bill for July with our new system was about $63. Amazing! your work crew was friendly and very professional! Not a spot of dirt, dust, or paint was left in our house when they completed the job.
    • Mike C

      Mike C

      13 August 2012 at 01:26 |
      Scott Barton from the company showed up in between the time slot customer service promised me. Scott educated me on on the various rebates & inspected my 17 year old system.

      My electric bill in summer is $350-450 to run the pool pump & air conditioning for our single story 1800 square foot home. I need to save $$$ where ever we can. Scott called their specialist at WC to go in the attic to see where I might be losing $$$.

      I went up with the specialist, Bob & Scott into the attic. We discovered our track home only had R13 insulation installed in the attic & walls. We also discovered the builder installed a SEER rating 7, 4 ton AC unit. Also the heater had a single fan speed that used a lot of extra electricity. The duct work in the attic had slight holes & was wearing out and would need to be replaced in a couple of years plus the R rating was a R2!

      By the end of the attic & house tour Scott & Bob came up with several options on how we could save $$$ on our heating & air conditioning bills. The price points varied on how much we wanted to invest....I was also reassured WC has a price guarantee & a 2 year all inclusive warranty on their work & 10 year parts.

      My wife & I decided to get (R30) insulation blown into the attic plus replace the air ducts with R8, buy a SEER 21 AC unit, plus install a house fan.

      We have signed a contract to have installation next week. The cost of the new modern system was more than we had planned on spending but with the no pressure sale from Scott we felt in control.
    • Margaret Gadberry

      Margaret Gadberry

      10 August 2012 at 16:51 |
      Your team of workers from beginning to end did a top notch job. Amazing workmanship, and you even brought a crane! They had so much to clean up, but boy they sure did it! Fantastic job completed in record time!

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