Nineteen Energy-Saving Strategies To Lower Your Utility Bills

Southern California and Las Vegas homeowners are looking for more creative ways to save energy. From home projects to simple comfort adjustments, we’ve got 19 tips that can help you reduce your electric bill.

  1. Reduce in-house drafts. The Department of Energy estimates that you could save 5-30 percent by preventing indoor drafts. Use a draft snake or rolled-up towel at the base of doors.
  2. Change the air filter. A dirty filter can restrict proper airflow.
  3. Run ceiling fans in reverse. This often overlooked tip for how to reduce your electric bill keeps warm air circulating longer.
  4. Prime your A/C and water lines for winter. Drain hoses and pipes, and check for water in the equipment. Turn off the shut-off valve (if your A/C has one), as well as outdoor spigots.
  5. Turn your water heater down. A few degrees won’t hurt.
  6. Put in storm windows and doors. Improve energy efficiency by as much as 45 percent.
  7. Keep up with preventive maintenance. A well-maintained system simply uses less energy than a neglected one.
  8. Program your thermostat for savings. Turn it down a degree or two when your family is away or asleep.
  9. Put plastic on your windows. This reduces drafts and heat transfer.
  10. Buy an energy monitor. Track energy consumption to better gauge efficiency improvements.
  11. Seal air leaks. Use caulk and weather stripping around your windows.
  12. Bundle up. Wearing more clothes inside may help you lower the thermostat another degree or two.
  13. Add insulation. Boost R-Value in your attic, walls and crawlspace, and around ducts and pipes.
  14. Switch to LED lights. This will reduce energy consumption and heat gain.
  15. Seal your ductwork. Use specialized mastic for accessible ducts.
  16. Go high-efficiency. Upgrade to Energy Star qualified equipment.
  17. Go even higher efficiency. Consider a heat pump or a home PV solar system.
  18. Learn about tax credits. Tax incentives make going high-efficiency affordable.
  19. Work with the right contractor. Save money with expert installation and maintenance, and prevent inefficiency or breakdowns.

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Our goal is to help inform our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about energy savings and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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Andrew Webb

About Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb is the business development manager for AC Pro. He has widespread experience working with contractors, maintenance men and suppliers in the heating and air conditioning industry. He was born, raised and educated in Los Angeles County and received a B.A. in Communication Studies from Biola University.

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