Noisy Air Conditioner?

Noisy Air Conditioner

Is your air conditioning system noisy? Have your electric bills been going up? If so, that’s not a good sign for your pocketbook or for the life of your system. But it’s certainly a sign that you need regular maintenance visits by an AC Pro.

Your system may be breaking down, have leaks, or it may be clogged with dirt and other elements. Your air conditioning system may well be the 3rd largest investment you’ll ever make so make sure you care for it the same way you would your car or home. 

Noisy Air Conditioner?

Scheduled Maintenance

It's tempting to hold onto that money and wait for something to go wrong. But the reality is that it can end up being much more expensive by not performing scheduled maintenance on your A/C system. Think of it as not checking or changing the oil in your car and waiting for the emergency light to come on! Could you imagine traveling down the freeway at 65mph when that light comes on hoping to make it to the next off ramp?

The same holds true for your heating and air conditioning system. Don't wait until the middle of a hot summer or cold winter, when your heating and air conditioning system works the hardest, to have it checked. Find an AC Pro now or call us directly at 866-972-2776 and we’ll be happy to help.

In the meantime, don’t let your A/C system become the storyline of our next video!

Consumer Rebate

Consumer Rebate up to $1550 off a new AC system
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