Hiring Licensed VS. Unlicensed Contractors [infographic]

Licensed VS Unlicensed Contractor

Did you know you, according to the Contractors State License Board, homeowners could be held liable and even arrested for using an unlicensed contractor? It's a sad yet true reality. In California and Nevada as well as any other state that requires licensing, hiring an unlicensed contractor is against the law. But even worse, according to an ABC news report, if an unlicensed contractor gets hurt on your property, he could sue you -- and win! 

While these may be extreme examples, even the typical experience with an unlicensed contractor can be costly. In this infographic we look at what sets apart licensed contractors from unlicensed contractors and we also give you tips when hiring a contractor for your home. 

Have more questions about air conditioning and finding a heating and air conditioning pro? Visit our FAQs page to see answers to the most often asked questions or our dealer locator to find the dealer closest to you.  If you can't read it, you can click on the infographic to see a bigger picture!


Hiring Licensed VS. Unlicensed Contractors [infographic]


Hiring Licensed VS. Unlicensed Contractors

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